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Welcome to St. Vincent de Paul


May Newsletter

Principal’s Message

Dear Parents/ Guardians/ Readers,

I see you have entered the St. Vincent de Paul School website…. WELCOME to our wonderful community!  We are all about caring, growing, and learning together.  We hope you continue to visit our website for up-to-date information on what is happening in our school community.

Our staff members at St. Vincent de Paul are extremely caring and committed individuals.  Together we work as a team to provide an abundance of opportunities for our students, to grow in dedication to their learning, and become respectful citizens in the greater community.

We at Vincent are proud of our active sports teams and intramurals, our enriching spiritual events, our clubs and committees, and our academic press.  Our community is further enhanced by our parish, St. Ambrose, and our Chaplain, who are each uniquely involved in our school life.  We are thankful for this partnership and we continue to extend this partnership to the home.  We value our parents and parishioners to network daily with us in support of “WWJT” (What Would Jesus Tweet).  “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Our school has a full roster this year of exciting events, guests, and presentations that will help us strive for a positive and caring environment. Please take advantage of joining us at some of our events.  They are often designed for parents and guardians to get a closer look at what and ‘how’ your children are learning.  We are quickly updating and increasing our use of technology to communicate to you.  Be sure to sign up for Newswire today, which will deliver our monthly newsletter, invitations, letters, and other important information right to your inbox!  It’s easy; find the link on our home page.

St. Vincent de Paul School Council has, and will continue to be, a tremendous support to our school community, with amazing, dedicated individuals that team up well together. They provide many events, equipment and learning materials for our students. Watch for invitations to participate in some of the events!

I look forward to a great year ahead.  I am so grateful to be a part of this ‘awesome’ community.  I thank everyone for their ongoing support and dedication.


Susan Sawyer

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