Final Principal Message

Final Principal Message

July 2, 2019

Happy Summer Everyone! This message comes with mixed emotions as I write my final message as the Principal of St. Vincent de Paul. I am sad to leave such a vibrant and friendly community, but I am excited to embark upon my next chapter in life; Retirement! I look back on my time at SVDP as one of the BEST stretches in my 37year career! I am so pleased to have served St. Vincent de Paul School; leading students, staff and families to be authentic, committed, and strong, yet kind and compassionate individuals. My time here was a bit like coming full circle in my educational career; many of the families that attend here are parented by my former students I am proud of the efforts of everyone who have journeyed through the construction of the new school. Bringing two communities together was done with a dedication to detail and much consideration to making the students feel comfortable with the amalgamation. No feat such as this comes without hiccups, but we embraced the journey with much passion and we equipped ourselves with important tools to support the move. We are very pleased with our first year together and you should feel such pride in how the school looks and feels. This is a place that is always welcoming, friendly, and ready to lend a helping hand at any time. It is also a place with a design like no other in our school board to support New Pedagogies for Deep Learning; to encourage students to be creative and innovative thinkers, problem solvers, collaborators, and communicators to support the development of global citizenship.

The staff and students are ready to continue the journey under the leadership of your new Principal, Ms. Erin Lemak. She taught at SVDP for 10 years before she entered Administration 5 years ago. She is now returning as your new leader and I ask that you join me in welcoming her back. Mr. Krauss will continue here as VP and will work alongside Ms. Lemak. As each school year comes to a close, we sadly have to say goodbye to staff members that have put their whole hearts in to work with our students. We say farewell and good luck to: Mr. Sam Plommer, Ms. Jessica DaSilva, Miss Olivia Kelly, Miss Nicole Haman, Miss Amanda Fernandes, Ms. Alexia Bradley, Mrs. Heidi DaCosta, Mrs. Emily Santos and Mrs. Susan Racco. We say good luck in their parental leave to Mrs. Donna Medeiros and Mrs. Chantel Fontes. We also said goodbye to Fr. Irek who is going to St. Clements, St. Clements. We warmly welcome Fr. Martin to St. Ambrose Parish as of June 25, 2019.

Finally, I want to thank YOU the parents for your support and appreciation for my time here at SVDP. Thank you for raising such great children and enrolling them at St. Vincent de Paul. This is a WONDERFUL community in which to educate children. I thoroughly enjoyed my time here.

Have a GREAT summer!


Mrs. Sawyer