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April Newsletter/ Should read Feb News

I would like to apologize for sending a newswire yesterday titled April Newsletter, as well, the April 2017 Newsletter.  Please disregard the email you received yesterday.  This is a Feb/ March 2018 Newspost!

Mrs. Bartlett



This is your LAST chance and we REALLY want to hear from YOU.  As you are aware, the WCDSB Multi Year Strategic Plan (MYSP) 2015-2018 was approved by the Board of Trustees in December 2015.  To help the WCDSB monitor the implementation of the MYSP, and to assist in our planning moving forward, we are seeking input from all WCDSB Staff through our system MYSP Survey.  Feedback from all groups will be compiled into a single report for the WCDSB.  There will not be any school-level reporting.


We need more staff and parent voices!  Have YOU had your say?


The survey will take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete.  To access the survey, please use the following link:

Thank-you very much for your consideration in completing this survey.  We truly value and appreciate your feedback.  We would like to hear from as many staff, students and parents as possible!  Let your voice be heard!


Principal’s Corner

When a parent expresses their concerns about their child’s welfare at school, the conversation usually starts with, “My child is being bullied at school,” or,  “So and so (name) hit or pushed my child,” sometimes followed by “I want there to be consequences.”

To these situations we respond in more depth than you may realize.  In this month’s message I want to share our protocol and how you can be of help.  We take seriously the safety and welfare of ALL of our students.  In each and every case we take a step by step approach to resolve the situation. First, we gather as much detail from the parent or teacher as possible: when did this occur, what happened, what were the circumstances around this, was a doctor or staff member involved, did your child report this to their classroom teacher?  Next, we investigate with the person named, as well any possible witnesses.  We also include the child in the investigation to find out more details surrounding the incident.  After all information is gathered we share with the parent our findings. In many cases we uncover another facet to the situation; and that is the other side, the context of the incident, or the whole story, which involves whether or not the actions were intentional.  Parents, when your child complains of conflict on the school yard, our best advice is to do what we do. While remaining calm, first ask all the details surrounding the situation.  Listen and acknowledge their feelings, but exercise caution before reacting; your child is most likely to be speaking from emotion before reason and they are giving you the details from their lens.  Next, tell your child that you will talk to the school to see what you can find out.  Best to let them know you’ll find out ‘all sides’ of the story.  Your first contact is their classroom teacher.  They hold the history, and day to day details of any issues on the yard or in the classroom. The classroom teacher will also be the one to share the findings, except in very serious situation, in which the principal or vice principal will be the person to call. We care about your child and all children.  We support to promote fairness and well-being.  We don’t want to accuse another child of bullying or intentionally hurting someone any more than we want to accuse your child of wrongful doing.  Taking an ‘everyone is innocent until proven guilty’ is a justifiably fair way to handle a situation.  Allowing us to deal with the mitigating circumstances around each situation is also helpful. Not every case is cut and dried or punishable by the same law.  We also have to follow privacy rules in which we cannot share certain pieces of information regarding other children. I leave you with this quote that best sums up that not all cases are treated equal, rather they are treated with fairness.  We want what is best for each and every one of our children.  We appreciate the support towards the school in knowing that we work as a team.