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Friday Sept 20: PD Day

Don’t forget Tigers! Tomorrow, Friday September 20 is a PD Day. There will be no school for students. See you on Monday!


Meet the Teacher: September 17, 2019

Meet the Teacher BBQ on September 17, 2019!

Come and meet your child(ren)’s teacher and see where all the learning happens! Teachers will be in their classrooms from 5:30-6:00.

Food trucks will also be available from 5:30-7:30.

See attached flyer for more detail!

Hope to see you there!

Meet the Teacher 2019



WCDSB “Called to Belong” Twilight Retreat Opportunity for Parents/Guardian

Our Board’s theme for this year is: Called to Belong!  The experience will be facilitated by Fr. Joseph de Viveiros, C.R., the Spiritual Animator for the Board.  Come and discover more about the spiritual journey upon which our staff and students have embarked.  All are welcome to come and learn and pray around the awesome mystery of God’s universal love!

You may join us at the location that is most convenient to you.  All retreats begin at 7:00 p.m. and are 2 hours in length. Please sign up at this link:

“Called to Belong” Twilight Retreat”. Light Refreshments will be served.

Cambridge – Wednesday September 25th –  St. Mary of the Visitation Parish (16 Cooper St, Cambridge, ON)
Waterloo –  Thursday September 26th – St. Michael Parish (80 University Ave W, Waterloo)
Kitchener – Wednesday October 9th – St. Anthony Daniel Parish (29 Midland Dr, Kitchener, ON)

“All are one in Christ Jesus.” Gal. 3:28

September News and Important Information

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to the 2019-2020 School year! I am very excited to be joining this vibrant school community. I feel very fortunate to be part of the dedicated St. Vincent de Paul school team that focuses on the development of the whole child through their commitment to high expectations and collaboration.

A warm welcome to those families with children beginning school for the first time, those new to our school and those who are returning. I trust that the summer has given you time for relaxation and renewal. I look forward to a wonderful year with many opportunities for learning and growing and I hope you will feel comfortable and involved with your child’s learning throughout the year. Many thanks are extended to the staff who spent countless hours getting the classrooms ready for students on the first day. A very special thank you is also extended to our administrative assistants, Mrs. Bartlett and Mrs. Soares, who went above and beyond to make sure that all the administrative tasks that go with ending a school year and beginning another year were taken care of in an efficient manner. Thank you to Mr. Raymond, Mrs. DaCosta and Mrs. Saunders who worked countless hours ensuring that our school looks sparkling and beautiful.

May God bless all of us who work, pray and learn together with new friendships, successful learning, good health and happiness.


Ms. Erin Lemak


A few key information items as we start our year:

Welcome to New Staff:

A special welcome to our newest St. Vincent de Paul staff:

Designated Early Childhood Educators: J. Hopkins and M. Freer

Classroom Teachers: A. Fernandes, O. Kelly, O. Sieczkowski, K. Leusink, S. Hamilton, D. Green, A. Hutfluss,

Welcome Back: J. Holland, J. Mulley

Safe and Secure Schools:

To ensure the safety and well being of all students, visitors, parents, guardians and others MUST report to the main office and obtain a VISITOR’S badge. A pass can be obtained by signing in at the office. Please note that parents, visitors, etc. are NOT permitted to be on the school yard during recess and lunch breaks. This also includes BEFORE school and AFTER school. There will be pylons set up to remind parents that only students will be allowed onto the school yard. All visitors, guardians and parents MUST check in at the main office and are asked NOT to go onto the school yard. Thank you for ensuring the safety of all of our students.

**Please note that yard supervision starts at 8:45 each morning**

Student Attendance:

It is very important that we know where your children are for their safety. If your child is going to be absent or late, please call the office at 519-740-0678 and leave a message. If we have NOT heard from you, we will call you at home and/or at work. If we are unable to locate anyone in regards to your child’s whereabouts, our next step may be to phone the police.

Please note that if you are child has arrived to school late, they must check in through the office and obtain a late slip before going to class.

School Forms:

The first weeks of school are hectic! We as a school need to send home many pieces of literature for parents to read. Some paperwork NEEDS to be filled out and returned to school. Some forms will also need to be completed through Cash Online. We ask that you please pay close attention to this request and be prompt in collecting the required information and return it to school as soon as possible. We need to have current information on each student, so that it will facilitate keeping the lines of communication open between school and home and when trying to contact parents in cases of emergency.

Picking up Students Early:

If you are picking up your child early from school, please ensure that you send a note to your child’s teacher. You can meet your child in the office area. Adults picking up children must sign them out of the office.

Student Transportation:

Check the STUDENT TRANSPORTATION website at (you can subscribe right on their website and receive emails directly!) OR check the board’s website at and click on Delays/Cancellations.


All parking spaces on school property are reserved for staff of St. Vincent de Paul CES, the WCDSB and the YWCA Daycare only, at any given time of the day. From 8:45-9:00 and from 3:30-3:45 daily, the parking lot will be closed and there will be no vehicular traffic on school property. Students who are not eligible for bussing are deemed to be within walking distance of the school and are encouraged to walk. If parents/guardians choose to drive their child(ren) to and/or from school, they must find parking along one of the neighbourhood streets for student drop-off and pick-up. Thank you for your ongoing cooperation in keeping our students safe.

Cell Phones, other devices and valuables:

We discouraged students from bringing valuables, money, toys, and cards to school.  Often these are lost, stolen or broken.  The school does not assume responsibility for any lost items or damage to valuable items. If you deem it necessary that your child carry electronics for emergencies (e.g., phone) they must be out of sight and stored in a knapsack or in a location specified by the teacher during regular school hours.  Students are not to carry electronics on their person.  At the discretion of the classroom teacher, electronics may be used to support student learning. Under no circumstances should electronics be used on the schoolyard.  In an emergency, parents may contact the student through the office. At St. Vincent de Paul, we know that technology will be a necessary tool for learning in the 21st Century and as a staff, we are committed to exploring safe and effective ways to make this happen.

Dogs on School Property:

Dogs are not permitted on school property. If you need to bring your dog to pick up or drop off a child please ensure you do this OFF school property. Please consider the safety of our children and ensure that dogs are always on leashes and kept under control.


If your child(ren) are bringing their bikes/scooters to school, they must have and use their bike helmet and a lock to ensure their safety. The school is not responsible for lost or stolen bicycles/scooters. Bicycles/scooters must be walked on school property.

Volunteers in School:

We welcome and encourage volunteers in our school. As a Catholic school system, we value the additional expertise and the positive school/community partnerships fostered by volunteers. Our school requires a police record check every year for regular volunteers. See the office for a letter to assist with the cost.

Peanut and Nut Free Environment

We have students and staff who suffer from anaphylaxis. We ask that you DO NOT send any food items that contain peanuts or nut products to school OR any peanut butter substitute. While there are products that look like peanut butter, smell and taste like peanut butter but are not made of peanuts or nuts, we ask that you DO NOT send these products to school. We are not able to differentiate between real and “fake” peanut butter.

Save the Date: Meet the Teacher Open House:

Please join us on Tues, Sept 17, 2019 for our Open House. Parents/guardians and students are invited to visit their classrooms from 5:30-6:00 pm. Food Trucks will be available from 5:30-7:30. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet your child’s teacher and to connect with other wonderful community members. Cash only purchases.

School Council:

We are looking for new members to support our Council. Please join us and learn more about our school and community! More information will be sent out closer to the date. Our first meeting will be Monday, Sept 30 at 6:00 pm.

Summer Tree Watering Volunteers:

A huge thank you goes to all of our volunteers who dedicated their time watering our new trees throughout the summer.


For more NEWS about school events, school celebrations and many great moments, follow us on twitter:




First Day of School – September 3, 2019

Welcome back Tigers! We hope that everyone had a wonderful summer! Our St. Vincent de Paul Staff are looking forward to welcoming our amazing students. Please note some important start up information:

  • The first day of school for students Grades 1 to 8 is Tuesday, September 3rd.
  •  Our bell rings at 9:00 am. When the bell rings, our Primary (Gr 1-3) students will go to the gym to meet their classroom teachers. Our Junior Students (Gr 4-6) will go to the Learning Commons and our Intermediate students (Gr 7-8) will remain on the blacktop.  Teachers will call out their classlists, gather their students and then head to their assigned classrooms. If it is raining, our Primary students will go to the gym, our Junior students will go to the Learning Commons and our Intermediate students will meet at the second floor foyer. 
  • JK visits have been scheduled and will take place on September 3rd. Our SK students begin school on Wednesday, September 4th.
  • Transportation information for those students who are eligible for busing is now available. If you still require this information, please click on the following link to go to the WCDSB website/Student Transportation page:
  • If you haven’t joined our school on Twitter as of yet, please do so! By following @svdptiger you will be kept informed of all our school events and celebrations.

Looking forward to an incredible year together!

See you soon!


Final Principal Message

Final Principal Message

July 2, 2019

Happy Summer Everyone! This message comes with mixed emotions as I write my final message as the Principal of St. Vincent de Paul. I am sad to leave such a vibrant and friendly community, but I am excited to embark upon my next chapter in life; Retirement! I look back on my time at SVDP as one of the BEST stretches in my 37year career! I am so pleased to have served St. Vincent de Paul School; leading students, staff and families to be authentic, committed, and strong, yet kind and compassionate individuals. My time here was a bit like coming full circle in my educational career; many of the families that attend here are parented by my former students I am proud of the efforts of everyone who have journeyed through the construction of the new school. Bringing two communities together was done with a dedication to detail and much consideration to making the students feel comfortable with the amalgamation. No feat such as this comes without hiccups, but we embraced the journey with much passion and we equipped ourselves with important tools to support the move. We are very pleased with our first year together and you should feel such pride in how the school looks and feels. This is a place that is always welcoming, friendly, and ready to lend a helping hand at any time. It is also a place with a design like no other in our school board to support New Pedagogies for Deep Learning; to encourage students to be creative and innovative thinkers, problem solvers, collaborators, and communicators to support the development of global citizenship.

The staff and students are ready to continue the journey under the leadership of your new Principal, Ms. Erin Lemak. She taught at SVDP for 10 years before she entered Administration 5 years ago. She is now returning as your new leader and I ask that you join me in welcoming her back. Mr. Krauss will continue here as VP and will work alongside Ms. Lemak. As each school year comes to a close, we sadly have to say goodbye to staff members that have put their whole hearts in to work with our students. We say farewell and good luck to: Mr. Sam Plommer, Ms. Jessica DaSilva, Miss Olivia Kelly, Miss Nicole Haman, Miss Amanda Fernandes, Ms. Alexia Bradley, Mrs. Heidi DaCosta, Mrs. Emily Santos and Mrs. Susan Racco. We say good luck in their parental leave to Mrs. Donna Medeiros and Mrs. Chantel Fontes. We also said goodbye to Fr. Irek who is going to St. Clements, St. Clements. We warmly welcome Fr. Martin to St. Ambrose Parish as of June 25, 2019.

Finally, I want to thank YOU the parents for your support and appreciation for my time here at SVDP. Thank you for raising such great children and enrolling them at St. Vincent de Paul. This is a WONDERFUL community in which to educate children. I thoroughly enjoyed my time here.

Have a GREAT summer!


Mrs. Sawyer

SVDP Tree Watering Volunteer Callout

SVDP’s new trees must be watered twice a week throughout the summer. We are currently looking for 20 families who would be willing to volunteer at least once a week during the holiday months. We will have a custodian on site to open the school and once the final schedule is in place, we will notify the families who have expressed interest in their allocated time. If you think this is an activity that you would like to participate in, please let us know by filling out the form below: