Weather Change

The cold wet weather has arrived!  This means that when the weather is wet for a couple of days, the field gets wet and muddy.  It would be a good idea to send your child with splash pants and rubber boots.  An additional pair of socks and mitts stashed away in their backpack areas would also be a good idea. Be sure to label all clothing and outerwear.


Severe Weather!

Please go to our board website to review our ‘Severe Weather Policy.’  As per our AP Memo on Extreme Cold Days, we will follow the protocol that states any temperatures with a wind chill colder than -15 up to -19 F degrees, we will allow students to be outside for no more than a 20 minute period of time.  From -20 F and colder, students will be kept indoors.  Winters in our area bring a variety of temperatures and conditions: please ensure your children have proper clothing for cold weather to prevent a prolonged exposure for their skin to be in direct contact with the cold air and varied conditions.  Fresh air is good for children and we will continue to encourage time spent outdoors as much as possible during our colder months.


Reminder about Yard Supervison:  Yard supervision begins at 8:45 am. Children should not arrive at school prior to 8:45 am as there are no supervisors available at that time.

School closures and bus cancellations:   Just a reminder that as the winter weather approaches, please remember to check the website, as well as listen to your local radio station for any closures or bus cancellations.   If busses are cancelled and your child is a bus student, you do not need to call in their absence.  If the busses are cancelled in the morning please note the busses are also cancelled for the WHOLE DAY and will not be here at the end of the day.  If you decide to drive your child to school, please make sure they are aware you will be picking them up and where your meeting place is.