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Construction Update

Construction Update


Dear Parents


I can only imagine how excited you are to have your children move into the new building in September!  It is going to be an incredible space and I know you are going to be awestruck when it’s revealed.  As for timelines, we are pretty much on schedule with construction.  No doubt opening day on Sept 4 will be an amazing experience for all to walk through the front doors to a new beginning and a new adventure.  There has been much thought and consideration put into the design of the learning space, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the features that bring 21st Century learning to your children!  School Council has been heavily involved in helping to plan innovative and efficient spaces for our children to learn and play.

We are working hard on plans to develop a ‘new way of thinking’ when it comes to the traffic around drop off and pick up.  Have you ever heard of a ‘Walking School Bus’ or “Drive to 5 Campaign’?  They are innovative ways of lessening the vehicles at peak times and encouraging kids to ‘walk a bit of a distance’ from their drop off point.  We are working to adopt new thinking around driving our kids to school.  With 600 + students in our new building come Sept, we need effective ways to reduce risks that come with congestion of cars around morning and end of day bell times.  You will be receiving news of these ideas in the coming weeks.  If you wish to be part of the planning or promoting of these ideas, please contact me through the main office.

I look forward to bringing our students, together with the students of St. Francis, to this fantastic new building!  I will be posting updates regularly on our school website in the coming months.  Thank you to all for your positive support and encouragement.  The best part of our move back will be to have our kids play outdoors in a larger space.  It’s been a huge sacrifice to have recess in such crowded and congested conditions during the past two years.  We have learned a lot about how to play with contingencies and variances to make it work as best as could be.  We are so appreciative to our parents for your understanding of our challenges and know that our efforts will be rewarded in our new place😊

Thank you

Mrs. Sawyer