The Ministry of Education has launched Ontario’s survey on bullying. The survey will be used to gather
information from students, parents/guardians, and school staff so that we can better understand this
complex issue and help find new ways to make schools safer and more inclusive.

The survey can be accessed at and
will close by March 31, 2020. This survey is one of the five measures to prevent and combat bullying in
Ontario schools announced by the Minister on November 27, 2019.

The ministry is committed to ensuring online safety, consent and the privacy of students. Students under
16 years of age who wish to participate in the survey will be asked to seek permission from a parent or
guardian. The survey is also open to parents/guardians and school staff because we know they are
committed partners in education and may want to offer feedback.

Parents/guardians are encouraged to support their children in taking the survey. Participation in the
survey provides an opportunity for parents/guardians and students to talk about bullying. To support
this, Information for Parents/Guardians about Ontario’s Survey on Bullying is available online.