Hello St. Vincent de Paul Community,

Today marks the first day of our Catholic Education week. This week, all across Canada, Catholic School Boards will be celebrating the theme of Igniting Hope. At St. Vincent de Paul we want to take this opportunity to bring our community together in hope by completing the Kindness Rock challenge.  This will be our way of being together while continuing to be safe at a distance.  This challenge will continue until the end of the school year!

Here is how the Kindness rock challenge will work:

At home collect a rock or two!  Your choice!  Design them however you please. The only rule is there must be a positive message on it. This may be a picture or words! When we gather back as a school community we will collect your favourite rock that you designed and create the Hope ROCKS garden! Until then show off your rocks by tweeting a picture @svdptiger or through your Google Classroom/D2L – let’s show our kindness.

The Hope ROCKS garden will represent our hope in Christ, the hope within and among us during this unprecedented time, hope for the world and for a future full of hope!

Click the chart below for some daily activities you and your family can do during Catholic Education Week:

CEW 2020

There will also be a Live Streamed Mass in honour of Catholic Education, presided by his Excellency, Bishop Douglas Crosby on Friday, May 8 at 11:00.

Check out  https://wcdsblearnathome.wcdsb.ca/pray-at-home/ for more details.