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Introduction to St Vincent de Paul

March 27, 2018


Dear Parent/Guardian,


Allow me to introduce to you Mrs. Cheryl Casselman, retired principal, filling in for me in my absence on various days between now and the end of June while I attend to the new construction of our school. As the schedule is not yet set, it is expected that I will be out more frequently in May and June.  Mrs. Casselman opened St. Gabriel’s 4 years ago so she is well versed in new construction.  Not only am I counting on her expertise to guide me through this process, I am very confident in her ability to attend to all of the needs of the school when I am out of the building.

The excitement of this new prospect is quickly gaining speed and I look forward to opening the brand new school in September.  Until then, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.




Mrs. Sawyer