January 2019

Happy New Year! We hope that you and your families were able to reset and enjoy the time together over the holidays. Staff at St. Vincent de Paul are so very pleased to be back and work again with the students. We are feeling very settled in now, and, look forward to a fantastic rest of the year learning and growing together.

It’s been a wonderful new beginning at St. Vincent de Paul. As with any new school, there are areas that require some finishing touches and adjustments. In time these will all be accomplished. I am told it takes the better part of a year before you can consider a new school build complete. We are now ready to start developing a roster of innovative activities for our kids to indulge in. Beginning this month, we will be offering some alternative ‘play’ activities during the recesses. Using our gym space, we will provide indoor movement options such as soccer, bump, skipping, and in our Learning Commons area we will be offering innovative and creative options such as Lego Robotics, learning how to use the 3-D printer, video editing, mechanics, building things. Our kids are very lucky to have these opportunities. We are always open to parent and community volunteers that might want to lend expertise in electrical circuits, art, computers, camera work, art, to work over the lunch hour with students. Call the school, or, email myself or Ferdinand Krauss if you wish to volunteer or have a suggested activity.

Important Events

Watch for announcements on our upcoming Dance-a-Thon, to be held Thursday March 7, 2019. Once again, we have hired Professor Jamz to run this exciting Video Dance which will include a smoke machine, glowing lights, projected images, and fantastic music! Our goal this year is to raise funds for: our greening project (to build a shed and create a working garden); to purchase technology items for students to use (Chromebooks, video editing equipment); and classroom items to support learning such as math manipulatives, Scientists in the School, arts, and music. Please support by encouraging your children to gather pledges. Information coming soon!


  1. The weather is so indecisive these days. Please ensure your children have proper outdoor wear to withstand any condition. Mitts, hats and proper footwear are a must. Spares at school would be helpful.
  2. Supervision in the mornings begins at 8:45. Students should not be at school before this time as they will not be supervised.
  3. Children who are unwell should stay at home to prevent spreading germs or an outbreak. More importantly, feeling unwell makes it very challenging for a child to concentrate and learn. Be sure to call in your child’s absence before 9:00 a.m.
  4. Parents of children in grades 3 and 6, this is your child’s EQAO year, which runs May 21 to June 6. Please protect the dates for your child’s EQAO testing by not booking appointments or vacation days during this time. Talk to your child’s classroom teacher for more information.
  5. Your child’s classroom teacher is the first point of contact for any questions or concerns. All activity, queries, behavior and learning challenges go through the classroom teacher first. Ongoing communication with your child’s classroom teacher is the best guard of defense against bigger problems. All classroom teachers conduct classroom meetings and meditation on a regular basis. They appreciate knowing of any issues ahead of time, so they can be proactive and work on the dynamics within the classroom to resolve and build a safe and positive community.

Dates to Remember:

1. January 25 PD day
2. January 29 & 31 – Grade 4 & 5 visit to Cambridge Youth Soccer Dome
3. January 31 – Grade 7 Confirmation
4. February 4 & 5 – Kindergarten Registration
5. Our school has registered for the Winter Walk Day on February 6, 2019
6. February 13 – 15, Grade 8 Mount Mary retreat
7. February 18, Family Day no school
8. We will be sending students to participate in the Elementary Skills Challenge, February 27 & 28