Children’s Liturgy  at both 9:00 am  and  11:00 am Mass  At the beginning of Mass children will be invited to come forward to follow the leader downstairs to our Children’s Liturgy room. At the offertory, the children will return upstairs and sit as a group in the front pews for the remainder of Mass. (no registration required and it will not be held on the Sundays of our Children’s Masses.)

March for Life in Ottawa will take place on May 9th . A bus will be leaving from Cambridge and youth are welcome to attend for free. Adults can also attend for a cost of $40.00. For details, please contact the Right to Life office at 519-623-1850 or email

Parents in Touch Prayer Group of St. Ambrose Parish, invites you to join them on Tuesday mornings, at 9:20am for the Rosary, at the side altar of Our Blessed Mother. Come pray for parents, children, family, friends, teachers and one another.