November News and Updates

November News and Updates

The month of November marks a special occasion for all of us to take time from our busy schedules to remember the men and women who have given so much of themselves to ensure our safety and freedom.  As we remember the many sacrifices made for our freedom this month, please continue to pray for peace in our world.

Peace Prayer

Loving God, teach us to be people of peace. Teach us to love one another, that there may be peace in our families. Teach us to strengthen one another, that there may be peace in our school. Teach us to live and work justly, that there may be peace in our city. Teach us to give equal respect and opportunity, that there may be peace in our nation. Teach us to be peacemakers in all that we do. Amen.

Remembrance Day Liturgies

On Monday, November 11 we will be having two Remembrance Day liturgies. Our Full Day Kindergarten and Primary classes will attend a liturgy at 9:30 am and our Gr 4-8 will attend a liturgy at 10:45 am. Thank you to Father Mikulski for joining us on this day of Remembrance.

Reminder: Missing a School Day or Late?

If your child is going to be absent from school or late, please remember to call the school and let us know. You may also leave a message during off school hours.

Bus Delays, Cancellations and Inclement Weather Procedures

It’s hard to believe that we have already had our first few snowflakes in the air! At this time, a few important reminders for families about the Inclement Weather procedures.

If weather conditions or other emergencies warrant the closing of school, notice will be available by checking on the following sites:

  1. Check our school website: and click on the Delays/Cancellations button. One click will tell you if your bus is cancelled and/or if your school is closed.
  2. Check the WCDSB website and the RED Cancellation button. One click will tell you if your bus is cancelled and/or if your school is closed. The GREEN light means everything is open and buses are running.
  3. Listen to your local Waterloo Region radio stations for cancellations:
    • KFUN FM 99.5
    • KOOL FM 105.3
    • CKGL AM 570
    • CHYM FM 96.7
    • DAVE FM 107.5
    • CJOY “Magic” FM 106.1
    • CKWR FM 98.5
    • KICX FM 106.7
    • CKBT “The Beat” FM 91.5
    • FAITH FM 94.3
    • CTV – Southwestern Ontario

    4. The Before and After School programs will also be closed if the school is closed.

***Please note that if the school buses are cancelled in the morning, they will not be sent out later in the day regardless of changes or improvements in the weather. Families who choose to drive their children to school on days where buses are cancelled will also be responsible for picking them up at the end of the day. Also, if buses are cancelled, ALL field trips and excursions requiring transportation will also be cancelled.***

Dressing for the Weather

Just a reminder: students are outside for two 15 minute recesses, plus 40 minutes at lunch. Please ensure your child is dressed for the weather – including snow pants, hats, mitts, etc. so they can enjoy their time outside.  Please also consider sending in a change of clothes in case your child falls during recess so we do not have to contact you to bring in a change of clothes.

We will do shortened lunch recesses (20 minutes outside, 20 minutes inside) when the temperature with wind chill is between -15 and -19. If the temperature with wind chill is below -20, students will stay in for recesses.

School Yard Safety – Before and After School

Just a reminder that parents/adults are NOT permitted to be on our school yard/blacktop before, during or after school. The Safe Schools Act dictates that parents and visitors MUST sign in at the office before gaining access to school property or spaces occupied by our students. Thank you for your continued cooperation.

PD Day:

Friday, November 15 is a Professional Development day. There will be NO SCHOOL that day.