Hey Tigers!

Nutrition for Learning will be in the community on Thursday, March 26. Thanks again NFL!!! Here is the website for further information: https://www.nutritionforlearning.ca/popupsnacks/


Thursday March 26

Route 1

Stewart Avenue   9 am

Chalmers  9:30 am

St. Vincent de Paul 10 am

Monsignor Doyle  10:30 am

Central Cambridge 11:00 am

St. Andrews  11:30 am

Highland Public School 12 noon

Route 2

Ayr Public School   9 am

Coronation School   9:30 am

Christ the King  10 am

Elgin Street  10:30 am

Avenue Road    11:00 am

Manchester Public School   11:30 am

St. Anne Cambridge 12 noon