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October Newsletter

Newsletter Items for October


Having been at this location for a year now, we have the parking/drop off/pick up routines established.  As a reminder, here are some guidelines to keep following: we are encouraging vehicles to not use the Chalmers St./Church parking lot in the morning or after school rush hour.  Congestion increases risk to our students for injury while walking to and from school in the parking lot area and driveways. We prefer whenever possible to drop off and pick up your children along South St., Chalmers St., and Elliot St, or, use the parking lot off South Street.  Please note that traffic moves in ONE DIRECTION, from Chalmers St through the parking lot and out South Street.  If you enter the parking lot through South St, you need to exit onto South Street according to the painted arrows.  Please do not attempt to drive against the arrows into the Chalmers St./Church parking lot. Staff members dressed with safety vests are out each day to help guide you.  Thank you to all who are helping to follow these safety measures.


Published agendas were not provided this year for a couple of reasons.  First, a large number of students and families were not using the agenda, instead, they were using digital platforms or media tools to communicate homework, events etc.  Second, the cost of the agendas was near $3000.00, so council and staff voted to use that money  towards playground structures for next year when the new school opens.  The absence of published agendas will be reviewed for the new school year in Sept 2018.


With permission from a staff member, when a student needs to call home, for various reasons, and in particular in cases of emergency, students are to use the school telephone ONLY. Students are able to carry cell phones to and from school, but they must be TURNED OFF when on school property. Teachers may permit use of cell phones for specific instructional purposes only under direct supervision of the teacher. Cell phones are not permitted on the yard during recess. The school is not responsible for lost or stolen valuables.


Safety of the pupils is a concern that both the home and the school share.  We respectfully request that you follow these procedures:

  1. If a child will be late or absent in the morning (or all day) please call the school prior to 9:00 A.M.
  2. If the student will be late or absent in the afternoon, please telephone the school before 12:45 P.M.
  3. Please do not expect a brother or sister to deliver the message.
  4. If a child is absent and the school has not been notified, then the school will attempt to call the parent or guardian as soon as possible after 9:05 A.M. or 12:50 P.M. If you cannot be contacted, please be sure the office has emergency contacts that can verify your child’s location.  

For your convenience, the school has a telephone answering machine for before and after-school hours.  You may leave your message on the tape.  When notifying the school of the absence, include your child’s name, the teacher’s name and the reason for the absence. Please call in each day for your child’s safety.

SVDP — Nut Sensitive!

Due to a number of students with life threatening allergies to certain nuts, St. Vincent de Paul is a “nut-sensitive” school. By taking the time to eliminate nuts and nut by-products (i.e. foods with peanut oil even possibly used in the processing) from your child’s lunch, you are helping to ensure a safe environment for all our children.



Direct contact with the appropriate member of staff is the proper approach. Being kind to one another is the chief ingredient for successful problem solving or conflict resolution. We encourage the use of kind, Christian behaviour in addressing concerns with students and adults. Should you have a concern at any time we encourage you to speak to the appropriate staff member. In most cases getting the facts or the other half of the story usually provides a different perspective and helps solve many problems. Should you feel that your child’s teacher has not satisfactorily addressed your concerns, you may wish to request a conference with the teacher and the principal.



The Student Handbook had always been an insert in the published student agenda.  A copy of the handbook is now with your child’s teacher.  Teachers and staff have reviewed the contents of the handbook with your child, and your child has given them a verbal acknowledgment of its contents.


Dates at a Glance

Oct 3  Pizza posted online for Nov and Dec

Oct 9  Thanksgiving NO SCHOOL

Oct 12 Terry Fox Run

Oct 12 Thanksgiving Mass 1:00 p.m.


Oct 24   Dress Purple for Child Abuse Awareness Day

Oct 31   Happy Halloween