Dear Parents

We are about to embark on an incredible journey as a ‘new school community’.  We have prepared and planned for this day, the first day of school, for quite some time now.  The learning space in our new school is innovative and a ‘first’ in our Catholic School system.  We are excited to provide flexible spaces in which students can learn to make independent choices in how they will be successful in their learning.  Technology and project-based learning in a 21st Century setting is our approach.  Sept 18th is our Opening School BBQ and we hope you can join us for food, refreshments and a tour of our new space.

I want to share a few important items for the first week of school.  The parking lot at the side of the school is for School Staff only.  The parking spaces at the front of the school are for Daycare Staff only.  During bus loading times (8:35-9:05) and (2:45-3:45), vehicles are not permitted in the driveway.  Outside of these hours, parents may enter the driveway and stop in front of the school to pick up a child or drop something off.  If you are going to be at the school for an extended period of time, you will need to park on the side streets (Juliana Cres, Bakersfield).  Please do not park in the church parking lot.  There are 25 spaces reserved for School Staff in the church parking lot as there are not enough parking spots at the side of the school.  This is a contract agreement between the school board and Diocese, for staff only.

A helpful suggestion for dropping off children at school is to drop off at the catwalks on either Elgin St or Bakersfield.  This will ensure you can see your children enter the school grounds.  If you drop off along Faial on the school side, children are asked to enter the school yard along the Daycare playground.  Staff will be supervising each morning and help guide children to the playground.

We can build a healthy approach to getting to and from school by promoting ‘walking’ for our children.  Some parents have practiced walking to school to see how long it takes.  Safety in numbers is walking with others.  We will be able to share with you two new concepts: The Walking School Bus and Drive to Five Campaign at the Opening School BBQ.

Students will gather outside at 9:00 in the back of the school (weather permitting), for a Grand Opening.  Parents are welcome to stay with their children until after the Opening Festivities.  We will have many visitors, including the Director of Education, Trustees, Mayor, MPP, police.  If it rains, we will meet in the gym, entering through the backyard.

We can’t wait to see the kids in the morning!!


Mrs. S. Sawyer