Dear Parents/ Guardians/ Readers,

I see you have entered the St. Vincent de Paul School website- Thank you, and WELCOME to our newly expanded community! On Sept 4, 2018, our school opened its doors to a BRAND-NEW building, extending the existence of St. Vincent de Paul to 30+ years of operation and counting. We proudly welcomed over 200 additional students, which included ALL of the St. Francis school population, plus, students from various schools in and outside of our region. We are definitely a larger school, now on a new venture and on a new learning curve!

Our dedicated staff members at St. Vincent de Paul are extremely vibrant, energetic individuals. Together we work as a team to provide an abundance of opportunities for our students, to grow to engage in their learning, and to become respectful global citizens. We are committed this year to expand our horizons by infusing innovation and digital learning opportunities for our students. You’ll find our school equipped with flexible seating and zoned spaces to promote learning in a way that utilizes student’s abilities to reach their potential. We will challenge their thinking to look outside of the box, and, draw on global competencies with a focus on deep pedagogies.

We at St. Vincent de Paul are proud of our warm and caring atmosphere. Our community is blessed to journey in faith and be examples of Jesus’ life with and for each other. This year, our school is excited to build healthy minds and souls under the Umbrella Project. We are pleased to be in partnership with CJI to assist students in learning about why and how to apply Restorative Justice in conflict situations. We are committed to build stronger and more resilient students in preparation for their continued journey in education.

St. Vincent de Paul School Council is, and will continue to be, a tremendous support to our school community, with hard working individuals that bond together to provide the best learning spaces for our students.

In my fifth year as principal at St. Vincent de Paul, I am extremely thrilled to be a part of this NEW and Innovative Community. I am pleased to work alongside our new Vice Principal Mr. Krauss, who brings a wealth of skill and experience around 21st Century Learning and digital technology. Please consider my office an open door for conversation that is a positive influence on our community of learners. Each and every child is valued for their unique and individual talents. Let’s celebrate their gifts and work together!

With much appreciation for our children,

Mrs. Susan Sawyer