Dear Parents/Guardians


The new school year has started, and with a bustling population of students comes an increase in vehicle traffic.  A newswire message, and several Tweets have been shared in recent weeks communicating that the parking situation at St. Vincent de Paul is very challenging.  Here is a recap of the details:

  1. The side parking lot beside the school is for staff only.
  2. The parking lot in front of the YMCA is for Daycare staff only.
  3. Although Faial Rd between the driveways is marked ‘no parking,’ vehicles ARE able to stop and load and off load children. As long as drivers stay inside the car, the car can stop just long enough to pick up and drop off students and allow other vehicles to do the same.
  4. Parking in the Church parking lot is unfortunately NOT PERMITTED FOR PARENTS. Staff have been given 25 spots in which to park since the side lot does not have enough parking spaces for staff. This is a special contract agreement between the Diocese and the School Board.
  5. Parking IS permitted on Juliana Cres, Bakersfield, and a small section of Faial Rd BEFORE the first driveway.

It is encouraged that vehicles take advantage of the Catwalk entrances at Elgin St and Bakersfield for picking up and dropping off children.  The entrance at Bakersfield has been closed for the construction but will reopen soon. Hopefully it has reopened at the time of reading this.

To alleviate the parking situation, we are asking parents to encourage their children to, where possible, walk to school.  We still hope to be launching a ‘Drive To Five Campaign,’ where a designated spot is pre-chosen by the City of Cambridge for parents to drop off their children so they can walk to school.  The area chosen is one that is Five Minutes away from the school, alleviating volume of traffic.  And, we also hope to get the Walking School Bus concept running for our school.  More information on this will be shared on the evening of Sept 18th at the Opening School BBQ.  Please contact the school if you wish to help out, or have any suggestions on the parking situation.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation in helping to resolve the problem of high volume of vehicle traffic at our school.

Mrs. S. Sawyer, Principal

Mr. F. Krauss, Vice Principal