Just a friendly reminder that Parking in the Church parking lot is unfortunately NOT PERMITTED FOR PARENTS. Staff have been given 25 spots in which to park since the side lot does not have enough parking spaces for staff. This is a special contract agreement between the Diocese and the School Board.


Although Faial Rd between the driveways is marked ‘no parking,’ vehicles ARE able to stop and load and off load children. As long as drivers stay inside the car, the car can stop just long enough to pick up and drop off students and allow other vehicles to do the same.

Parking IS permitted on Juliana Cres, Bakersfield, and a small section of Faial Rd BEFORE the first driveway.
It is encouraged that vehicles take advantage of the Catwalk entrances at Elgin St and Bakersfield for picking up and dropping off children. The entrance at Bakersfield has been closed for the construction but will reopen soon. Hopefully it has reopened at the time of reading this.