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Hi Everyone,

Welcome to the School Council Section of our SVDP Website! Be sure to check out the many new and interesting links and information we will be sharing with you throughout the school year. You don’t want to miss out on helpful information right at your fingertips!!

Below is the List of School Council Members for the 2015/16 School Year! If you are interested in hearing more about what Council is involved in; getting more involved in volunteer opportunities without having to be on Council, and/or have any questions you would like to see tabled at our Council Meetings, please feel free to email me, as this Year’s Chair.  Alternatively, if you know anyone else on Council, you can connect with them as well.  Here in support of the well-being and success of our children! Thanks, Linda.

Linda Gregorio, Chair (Sub-Committee Chair, Parent Engagement)

Ana Paret, Vice Chair (currently on leave from Council due to family matters)

Kerri Galvao, Secretary (Sub-Committee Chair, Dance-a-thon)

Diane Ferraro, Treasurer

Cristina Castro (Past – Chair)

Lucy Braga

Mindy Pacheco

Paula Tucker (Sub-Committee Chair, Christmas Luncheon)

Sara Pimentel

Nellie Cabral–Melo

Alice Figueiredo

Diane Gouveia

Karen Rodriquez

Mary Ann Drabik (staff member)

Brad Windsor (staff member)

Susan Sawyer (Principal)