July 2018,


Dear Staff, Parents and Guardians,


Every year we have to say goodbye to staff members and welcome new ones.  It is with mixed emotions we say good bye and good luck to the following who are moving on: Mrs. M. Mathers, Ms. C. Welsh, and Mrs. K. Greco.  We thank you for your service to our children and wish you well in your new schools. Best wishes to Mrs. Drabik who retired this year; we hope you can do the things you’ve always wanted to, and hope to see you ‘supplying’ at our school in the fall.  Best of luck to Mrs. Holland and Mrs. Schade who will continue their Mat Leaves with a new baby in tow.  Best Wishes to Mme A. Koster who will begin Mat leave in Sept. Thank you to Miss. N. Haman for being our grade 3 teacher; best of luck getting a contract next year!

Please join me in congratulating Mr. J. Gouveia and Ms. N. Huisman who landed a permanent contract at our school!  We are very glad to have you continue on staff.  Please welcome the following new staff members to our school; Vice Principal Mr. F. Krauss; Classroom teachers= Mrs. M. Beamer, Mrs. G. Woodman, Ms. C. Morrison, Mrs. C. Giosi, Ms. R. Fink, Mrs. A. IanniMurphy, Mr. C. Lisi;  DECEs= Ms. K. Fernandes, Ms. T. Whalen, Ms. C. Fontes, Mrs. J Sousa; Educational Assistants=Mrs. C. Aquilina (welcome back!), Mrs. S. Maw, Mrs. A Bolland, Ms. R. Kovac; CYW= Mrs. D. Parsons, Mrs. M. Cobb; LHS Mrs. A. Petch, Mrs. D. Gouveia; FSL Mr. E. Mukama, Mlle M. Sliter; Spec Ed full time Mrs. L. Vermet; Planning Time= Mrs. H. Harnack.  There will be more hiring in the summer months to fill three LTO positions and two permanent positions; those will be announced when interviews are complete.  We have a very large staff and look forward to working collaboratively to create a GREAT school for our children.  No matter our role, we all support Student Achievement in every job we do. We are proud to be ‘educators’ of our youth.

Have a wonderful summer, see you in September!


Mrs. S. Sawyer, Principal