Parents, please check the Transportation Website for your child’s bus number. (see below for ‘how’ to check the Transportation Website). The morning bus number is not necessarily the same number as the home bus.  Make sure your child knows their bus number for the end of the day so they know which bus to get on when they leave their classroom.  Also make sure your child knows where their stop is.

If you don’t wish your child to take the bus, you need to contact the main office at the school to get a ‘Do Not Ride’ form. Once the form is signed and returned to the office, we can decline the bus for you.  This will eliminate looking for a ‘displaced child’ that didn’t get on their bus.  Thank you.

Parents can login and view their child’s transportation details by going to www.stswr.ca and following these easy steps:

  • Click on “Student Login”
  • Enter your child’s Ontario Education Number (OEN)
  • The OEN can be found on your child’s report card
  • Numbers only, no space, no dash
  • Enter your child’s birth date
  • dd/mm/yyyy
  • Enter your child’s street number
  • house number only
  • Select the school your child is attending from the drop down menu


Visit our website at www.stswr.ca to find bus delays and cancellations, subscribe to receive e-mail notifications for late buses and closures and follow us on Twitter @STSWR.


Thank you